Modern dentistry has made great advances in technology and materials. This results in better aesthetics and function and the procedures are easier for the patient to tolerate.

A beautiful smile using digital imaging for your approval and communication with the dental lab achieves excellent results. As seen in these photos, a virtual presentation of what to expect allows us to better communicate. The second step is to place the provisional restorations for you to wear and provide feedback to the doctor about any changes you would like. The third step is to cement the final restorations. A beautiful smile can be made to order based on this methodology.

The old school crowns were made with a metal base material that resulted in an unnatural look. With Zirconia, the new crowns look just like real teeth. The Zirconia is also very strong and is resistant to fractures. For missing teeth, you can have implants placed to replace the root and then a crown is placed on top of the implant. This can be done for a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth.

Dentures are difficult to live with and with implant technology the entire smile can be restored and only you know it was done.

Cavities continue to be a problem due to diet and hygiene issues but with regular dental visits and digital x-ray technology we can better detect decay before it creates a major problem. We also have a paste that incorporates calcium minerals into your roots and enamel to rebuild areas of minor decay or demineralization. This product can prevent decay and is Fluoride Free.

For patients with concerns of material sensitivity to dental products or implants, blood tests can be done to determine what products and materials are safe for your specific immune system.

We use both Clifford labs and the MELISA lab testing systems. If the test shows that the titanium implant is not compatible with you, the zirconia or porcelain implant is used.

3D x-rays have changed dentistry in many incredible ways. We can now find infections of the jaw that we could never see with old 2D methods. This early detection allows for immediate treatment before pain and suffering commences. We also use 3D x-rays for better placement of implants, orthodontic work, TMJ evaluation, third molar evaluation and so much more.

Dentures may be the best choice for some and taking the time to take custom impressions, phonetic bite records, choosing tooth size and shape for your facial dimensions, using high quality teeth and fine tuning the bite make for the best denture possible. We pride ourselves in making dentures this way. As dentistry evolves with major advancements in technology and materials we all realize the benefits of a better life without the problems of the past.

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