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Custom-Made Dentures


The Enjoyment and Benefits of Custom Dentures
The custom denture technique focuses on the areas of comfort, cosmetics and function through the use of a preliminary working denture that is adjusted to your needs. You can change the teeth to a new color, size or shape that makes you happy. Just let me know what you want to change and I will have the lab make the changes that you want. If you are not chewing well let me know again and I will make adjustment on the bite so you can test it out until you are able to chew well.

The preliminary denture is designed to be adjusted for comfort as you test out the other concerns and we will make those adjustments until you are happy with the feel of the denture in you mouth. This is a team effort that includes your feed back & sometimes the feedback of your friends and family. The final denture will not be fabricated until you and I are both satisfied with the preliminary working denture!

The Satisfaction of First-Class Comfort & Function
Comfort and fit are achieved by using special materials that adapt to your mouth as you use the working denture. This material allows the doctor and the patient to evaluate and adjust the fit and comfort of the working denture. We want you to have confidence that your custom dentures will look and feel great in your mouth and this material will give you that confidence. In most cases a permanent soft-liner is used on the lower denture to provide increase comfort when biting hard. This feature can also increase the retention of the lower denture when it grips your jaw.

Chewing is most important for good health and by using porcelain teeth that are custom ground your chewing ability is optimized. The upper denture has a 33-degree angle cusp and the lower jaw is custom ground to fit the upper teeth. This custom grinding achieves stability of the bite and efficiency in chewing.

Imagine having new dentures that fit and feel like your real teeth!

Everyone wants a beautiful smile and with the working denture the teeth can be changed to satisfy the patients desired look. This allows the patient to evaluate their new look with friends and family so that everyone is pleased. This working denture is usually tested over 2-4 months, which is plenty of time to test out your smile.
Natural teeth are made of crystal and reflect light in a unique fashion, and therefore it is important to use materials that simulate natural enamel. Porcelain teeth offer the best reflective properties and feel more like natural enamel than any other type of tooth. Natural teeth also have a variation in the colors instead of just one pure color all the way around. In most cases, porcelain teeth are selected for the custom dentures.

The custom denture technique is the best solution for anyone who wants a great smile, the highest degree of chewing efficiency and comfort while chewing. As described above, working closely with you over time we can achieve the best possible results without doing implant surgery. However, if additional support is needed due to lack of bone, be sure to discover what dental implants can do for you. With today’s technology we strive to give you back your smile with dignity.

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How To Get Started With Your Treatment