Nuvola Orthodontics

The best orthodontic system
in the World

Photos courtesy of Dr A. Carrafiello founder of Nuvola

What is Nuvola?

  1. Its Invisible
  2. There is no pain, no wires, no brackets
  3. Treatment time is only 8 months long for many cases and six months less than standard cases treated with competitive brands like Invisalign.
  4. Jaw  expansion without surgery or screws is achievable due to the patented technology of the Freedom device giving you a broad full smile
  5. Facial aesthetics is improved as facial bones reach a better alignment.
  6. Body posture is improved due to increase nasal airflow and better jaw joint health and significantly improved tongue posture
  7. Increase is deep restorative sleep and less snoring is achieved by a better jaw position and widened arches giving you better oxygen flow to your body and brain.
  8. Trays are removed for pleasurable eating and personal hygiene or other concerns.
Discovered the Freedom Device that stimulates the proper bone growth while positioning the teeth where they belong. The Freedom Device also balances the bones of the head and neck for better overall posture and balance, hence the name Nuvola OP (OP stands for Osteo Posture) or bone position. Nuvola trays can easily be removed for eating and dental hygiene. The Freedom device is placed in the mouth for 30 minutes of active chewing per day. This activity stimulates the growth of bone and accelerates the treatment process shortening the total treatment time. The Nuvola trays are designed to re-train the tongue for proper function and position. Proper jaw positioning and jaw expansion increases nasal airflow and decreases mouth breathing. Mouth breathers usually have a forward head posture and by returning to nasal breathing the head posture returns to a health balanced position.
Proper jaw position and tooth alignment in conjunction with the properly positioned jaw joint provide for better chewing, swallowing and speech. Improvements in nasal airflow and tongue positioning also lead to better sleep, less snoring and less apnea. Your long term health and performance are positively and significantly affected by these improvements.

Photos courtesy of Dr A. Carrafiello founder of Nuvola




Photos courtesy of Dr A. Carrafiello founder of Nuvola

Nuvola is an orthodontic, medical and aesthetic

(nonsurgical facial beauty treatment)!

1. The orthodontic advantages of Nuvola: Jaw expansion is achieved without surgery or fixed screw expansion devices and this provides for the beautiful broad smile that is most desireable.  Most cases do not require extractions. This is very important because proper function and facial beauty require correct proportions of your facial bones that support your outward appearance. Tongue posture and nasal breathing are also a part of the overall treatment plan as this allows better nasal airflow and deeper restorative sleep (Beauty sleep).Total treatment time is reduced by 6 months due to the unique Freedom device as it accelerates the changes by stimulating the bone. The devices are removed for you to eat and the aligners are practically invisible so no one knows you are being treated. Compared to normal wire/bracket orthodontics, pain and discomfort are at a minimum.
2. The Facial Beauty protocol. 70% of facial beauty is perceived by the smile and the eyes. The ratios of the face from top to bottom, side to side and front to back are measured for Fibonacci ratios. The better the harmony and symmetry of these structures, the prettier your face will appear. The Nuvola treatment stimulates the muscles and bones to find the balance and harmony that nature demands and that produces the natural facial beauty. Natural facial beauty through Nuvola is for all ages and should be your basis for any treatment plan when you are considering cosmetic dentistry, plastic surgery, PRF (Vampire Facials), fillers or other facial treatments. Take advantage of this unique and powerful system to achieve the goals you desire.
3. Nuvola and Medicine. The health of each person requires proper nasal breathing, deep restorative sleep, strong teeth and bones, healthy jaw joints, proper skeletal posturing, a balanced undamaged nervous system, a pain free body, minimal stress and mental clarity. In today’s society, many of the body’s systems are over changlenged causing breakdown of the physical body and mental stresses. Many people today seek medical help but many times prescription pills are the only treatments given. Integrative medicine diagnoses the cause of your health problems and seeks to correct them so that your body heals as it was intended to do. A long and healthy life can be obtained if this approach is taken. Nuvola is part of this integrative practice as it corrects skeletal and functional disharmonies. Breathing is number one for survival and when we are not breathing through are noses (mouth breathers) your body is accessing emergency breathing. Without nasal filtering, warming and moisturizing of the air we breathe, our body is chronically stressed, our immune system is compromised and sleep is disrupted. Over time we suffer a variety of medical conditions and life loses it zest. Society begins to degrade and these burdens become overwhelming.
Nuvlola corrects the craniofacial imbalances for better nasal breathing, better physical posture, better restorative sleep, proper tongue posturing, proper swallowing, improved immunity, improved self esteem with a beatiful smile and therefore a healthier person overall.

Treatment phases

The Nuvola system proceeds in a succession of treatment phases,
each one consisting of a series of 12 separate aligners for each dental arch.
At the end of each treatment phase the case is reassessed and if necessary a new set
of 12 aligners is designed and produced.

Getting started with Nuvola is easy! We take a few photos of your smile and teeth, electronically scan your teeth for the impression and submit a recent xray of your jaw to the orthodontic department at Nuvola. Nuvola then returns a computer generated video of your dental condition from the beginning to the end result of the Nuvola treatment.


The time frame and number of trays are also given and are rated from level A, B, C and C +. A is the shortest and least complex case and C+ is the most complex and time required type of case. After you review your treatment plan you can then request the fabrication of the trays and within three weeks your treatment begins. We take medical grade photos of your smile for before and after records. The amount of visits to the office varies but patients are seen every two to three months for evaluation. Other in-between evaluations are done by using the app for sending photos to us and asking questions that you may have via text in the app system.