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Sleep Apnea & Chronic Pain What does sleep have to do with anything?


Sometimes the simplest things in life are totally ignored! It makes common sense that we all need to sleep well. However, as life goes on things change; we find ourselves living in a manner that is not necessarily normal. Eventually, it may be that your situation now becomes your normal. But is it a healthy normal? Most people with whom I talk to in my practice will say, “its old age”. Well, they are partly correct. Our bodies are designed to heal but if something has prevented healing over time, “old age” will get the best of us. Today we have a medical system that has become a “pop a pill- to- heal” system. It sure sounds good and it makes life so easy-thinking that a pill will solve all our problems. Of course, in some cases, medicine is absolutely necessary.

More and more doctors are now seeking to discover the actual cause of the problem – not just giving prescriptions for the symptoms. Personally, I like the idea of finding the real cause of the medical enigma, and then by correcting that problem many of the symptoms will simply just go away.

Example: high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, acid reflux (GERD), obesity, headaches, frequent urination at night, depression, excessive day time sleepiness, early death, traffic accidents, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, TMJ disorders, Bruxism, and many more problems could be due to sleep disordered breathing (SDB)/sleep apnea.

The examples above are very serious problems. Other more subtle problems  you may think are just normal for you, are actually due to lack of the good quality sleep that your body needs. How about forgetfulness, irritability, making mistakes at work or at home, lack of high energy, ED (Erectile Dysfunction), poor social life, lack of mental acuity, aging poorly, unable to handle life stresses, anxiety and many more.

Our bodies require ample rest, to rebuild and get charged for the next day. Our brains need to work through their proper cycles…our bodies need to heal. When we awake fully charged, we are all set for a great day; we can handle what life throws at us. This evidence is so abundant at present, eventually all medical/dental and other health care schools will be teaching this viable and appropriate screening test to prevent these hardships that are caused by (SDB)Sleep Disordered Breathing/Sleep Apnea.

I am now working with local medical doctors to help in screening and treating this condition. If you have any questions or concern please call our office. We are here to aid you in obtaining the proper sleep you need and deserve for a better life.

DR Thomas Harter, DMD

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How To Get Started With Your Treatment