TMJ disorder simply means that your jaw joint and jaw function are not working properly. The symptoms vary greatly but usually include the following: popping and clicking joints, discomfort of the jaw joint, jaw discomfort, headaches, limited opening, and discomfort while chewing and yawning.
There are many more symptoms that are related to TMJ as everyone is very complex and has different injuries or dysfunctions that have contributed to this condition.

The treatment is also very complex and individualized to unravel the systems that are the causes of your specific problem. Usually, these contributing causes are long standing conditions that eventually cause the breakdown of the TMJ. By addressing these causes, not only does the jaw heal but many other symptoms and conditions are resolved, resulting in a happier healthy you.

In most cases, physical stresses on the joint have caused it to breakdown slowly over time. The best method to treat this is called Orthopedic therapy. Orthopedic therapy involves the rehabilitation of the joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves over a 10-12 week period. A variety of custom orthopedic devices are used both day and night to allow healing to occur. Our patients find them comfortable and easy to use and notice relief within hours or days. These devices are used to decrease stress on the joint and allow normal function to occur. During that period, we provide continuous monitoring, cold laser therapy, medicine as needed, nutritional advice, evaluation of sleep conditions (deep sleep is healing sleep), proper nasal airflow evaluation, central nervous system evaluation and treatment, detox protocols, breathing exercises, gut health evaluation, posture imbalances evaluation, range of motion exercises, sleep hygiene instructions (proper sleep protocol) and more.

In some cases, other medical professionals are needed to achieve the maximum medical improvement possible and if so, I refer to the doctors that I know will provide the proper and best care.

TMJ disorders and the conditions that caused this to happen affect your entire life mentally and physically and usually continue to be a problem that only gets worse with time. Avoid being a victim of a compromised way of life and live to your fullest.

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